Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cochin Fish Curry/Kerala Fish Curry Recipe


Pomfret or any other fish                                              500 gms.
Cocum                                                                          20 gms.
Curry leaves                                                                A few
Green Chilies, slit                                                         2 nos.
Oil                                                                              50 ml
Salt                                                                             to taste

For the Masala (grind)

Coconut, grated                                                          ½ no.
Red Chilies                                                                  25 gms.
Turmeric                                                                        5 gms.
Cumin                                                                            5 gms.
Garlic                                                                           10 gms.
Ginger                                                                       As required
Onion                                                                           50 gms.


1.Clean and cut the fish into pieces.
2.Add the cocum in a little water and keep aside.
3.Add the curry leaves and the ground masala to the heated oil and fry well.
4.Next add the fish pieces, slit green chilie, cocum water, salt, enough water and
5.Cook the fish curry over simmering heat till the fish is cooked.
6.Add a little oil on top and remove from heat.


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