Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thai corn Delight


American corn kernels                                 350 gms.
Green curry paste (available in stores)    1 tbsp.
Flour(maida)                                              2 tbsps.
Rice flour                                                   3 tbsps.
Spring onions(chopped)                             3 nos.
Egg(beaten)                                               1 no.
Fish sauce                                                  2 tsps.
Oil                                                            for frying
Salt                                                           to taste


1.Place the corn in a blender, add rice flour, flour, spring onions, egg and fish sauce and blend till corn is slightly broken.
2.Season with salt and mix well. Make about 16 balls.
3.Heat oil and deep fry the balls till golden.
4.Serve hot with Dipping sauce.


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