Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Four important cooking tips to ease cooking

1.If you accidentally take too much salt in your food, you can use the salt content by small pieces of equilibriumPotatoes, tomatoes, or even a teaspoon of sugar. This will contribute to the salt back on a normal level.

2.If you have a sauce and a little "water, a little" corn flour in the mix. Corn flour is a substance known to be very effective thickening. You want to avoid lumpiness when adding the corn flour, so make sure you mix in water before adding.

3. When you fry in a kadai or any utensil the oil begins to foam and rise, you could potentially be a dangerouspay on their hands. To avoid this, add a small piece of tamarind to the oil. A piece of tamarind Stop spill-over.

4. If you hate to cry when you cut into an onion, try chilled in the refrigerator before cutting. Another way to control the smoke and the smell, the soaking of an onion, if in water before you is theKnife.  


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