Saturday, June 18, 2011

Homemade Green Chilli Pickle


Green Chili                                         250 gms.
Sugar                                                 ½ cup
Vinegar                                               ½ cup
Red chili powder                                4 tbsps.
Cuminseed,roasted and powdered      4 tbsps.
Garlic                                                 50 gms.
Ginger                                                50 gms.
Mustard oil                                         1 cup
Salt                                                     to taste


1.Cut chilies in desired length and keep aside.
2.Combine vinegar and sugar in a separate bowl.
3.Grind to paste ginger and garlic.
4.Heat oil and fry garlic ginger paste till golden in colour.
5.Add cumin seed,chili powder, salt and green chilies and cook for 5 mins.
6.Finally add the sugar and vinegar mixture and cook till oil floats on top.
7.Cool and bottle. It is ready to eat.


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