Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Madras Soup Recipe/Coconut Vegetable Soup


Tomatoes                                           500 gm
Carrot                                                 55 gm
Onion                                                  55 gm
Coconut                                              1/2
Milk                                                     300 ml
Refined flour                                         30 gm
Butter                                                   30 gm
Stock                                                    600 ml
Peppercorn                                           a few
Salt                                                       to taste
Parsley                                                  1 sprig


1. Wash and Slice Tomatoes.
2. Peel and Slice Onion.
3. Peel and grate carrot.
4. Place tomatoes, onion, and carrot in a heavy pan.
5.Add hot stock or boiling water. Add pepper and salt.
6.Cook till vegetables is almost done.
7. Add grated Coconut and cook till vegetables are well cooked.
8. Rub through a sieve.
9. Prepare a white sauce with flour, butter and milk.
10. Add vegetable puree gradually.
11. Reheat and serve garnished with chopped parsley.


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