Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Madurai famous Jil Jil Jigar Dhanda


Milk                                     1200 ml
China Grass(Kadal Pasi)            5 gms
Sugar                                     300 gms
Nannari or Rose syrup            1 tbsp
Vanila Ice cream                      1 or 2 scoop per serving
Sago ( Javarishi)                       100 gms(soaked in water for 3 hrs)
Vanila extract                            1 tbsp
Water                                        500 ml


1. Boil the milk in a sauce pan.
2. Add 200 gms sugar and boil in slow flame till the milk becomes slightly pink.Milk will be reduced to half of its quantity when it becomes slightly pink.
3. Take some hot boiling milk from the saucepan and add sago (javarishi) and boil seperately till the sago is cooked. Bring the milk to room temperature and refridgerate.

For China grass jelly (kadal pasi)

1. Mix china grass powder with water and remaining 100 gms sugar.
2. Add vanila extract and bring to boil.
3. Keep it in slow flame till the china grass dissloves.
4. Pour the liquid in a big plate to form a thin layer and allow it to cool. Keep in refridgerator for 15 to 20 minutes
5. Cut the china grass jelly into small cubes.


1. Add a ladle of the cool milk with sago to a glass.
2. Add 1 tbsp china grass jelly.
3. Add nannari/rose syrup which has cooling properties.
4. Add boiled cool milk upto 75 percent of the glass.
5. Finally Top up with a scoop of vanila ice cream.


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