Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mutton Chukka Varuval

Mutton chukka varuval recipe is a popular food and a favourite side dish served in non vegetarian hotels in and around Madurai region Tamil nadu, India. Mutton chukka varuval is prepared with small boneless mutton pieces with spices in a thick peppery sauce. Mutton chukka varuval is one of the best side  dish with rice and biryani. Madurai Muniyandi Vilas, Regupathi Vilas periyakulam and Ganapathy vilas Courtallam are some of the famous hotels in Tamil nadu serving mutton chukka varuval. Try this simple spicy mutton chukka varuval recipe and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Boneless Mutton                                500 gms
Cinnamon strips                                 2 no
Cloves                                               2 no
Fennel                                               1 tsp
Curry Leaves                                     1 bunch
Pepper powder                                  3 tsp
Ginger garlic paste                           1 tsp
Salt                                                    to taste
Oil                                                     25 ml


1. Powder Cinnamon, cloves and fennel.
2. Cut mutton into very small cubes (smaller pieces cooks easily and tender) 
3. Mix all the above, add salt and little water and boil them in cooker (appx 4 whistles) 
4. Heat oil in a frying pan 
5. Fry curry leaves 
6. Add boiled mutton and fry until the aroma eludes and oil comes our seperately.


Tried this today.. It came out really well..

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