Friday, June 10, 2011

Chinese Vegetable Noodles Recipe


Noodles                                                 250 gm
Leeks                                                     100 gm
Carrots                                                   100 gm
Cabbage                                                 100 gm
Capsicum                                                100 gm
Onions                                                    100 gm
Celery                                                       50 gm
Oil                                                           100 ml
Soya sauce                                                50 ml
Salt                                                         to taste
Ajinomoto                                               a pinch
Spring onions                                             80 gm


1. Boil the noodles in water and dry it. 
2. Shred all the vegetables and slice the spring onions.
3. Heat oil. Fry sliced spring onions for few minutes.
4. Add shredded vegetables, soya sauce, ajinomoto and salt. Fry well under slow flame till all the vegetables are half cooked.
5. Add the noodles finally and toss gently.


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