Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chettinadu Lamb Masala (Chettinadu Style Mutton Gravy/Curry)


Mutton, cut into medium pieces                             500 gms
Onions, chopped                                                   2 nos.
Green Chilies                                                         4 nos.
Coriander leaves                                                    ½ cup
Ginger                                                                    1" piece.
Coconut                                                                  ¼
Curd                                                                       1 cup
Garam Masala                                                         1 tsp.
Cumin, ground                                                         1 tsp.
Coriander seeds                                                       1 tsp.
Garlic                                                                       4 flakes.
Poppy seeds                                                            1 tbsp.
Chili powder                                                            To taste.
Salt                                                                          To taste.


1.Clean, wash and chop the mutton into medium pieces.
2.Make a paste of the onion, chilies, ginger, coconut, garlic and poppy seeds.
3.Mix this masala with the mutton pieces, spices and curds.
4.Put the mutton mixture into a pan and cook over a low flame.
5.Cover the vessel, pour some water on the lid and cook further till the meat becomes tender.
6.Once a thick gravy is formed, remove from heat and serve hot.


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