Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sourashtrian Lamb Pepper "Polta Chino"( Spicy Mutton Pepper with Coconut Pieces)

Polta Chino/lamb or mutton pepper is a popular oil free Sourashtrian lamb dish prepared with simple home kitchen ingredients dry red chilli, crushed or blended pepper. Sourahtrians are native speakers of Sourashtra language who have migrated from Sourashtra Province (older part of Gujarat) towards south India during Mughal invasion. Sourashtrians serve polta chino as a side dish with rice, tamarind rice, idly and dosa. You wont get this dish in any restaurants and hotels except few hotel in Tamil nadu run by Sourashtrians. Try this simple Lamb/Mutton pepper recipe and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Lamb/Mutton (small cubes)           500 gms
Onion chopped                             1 no
Dry red chillies                              7 no
Salt                                               to taste
Pepper powder                             1 tsp
Coconut cut into small pieces         1/4 no


1. Pressure cook mutton/lamb, onion, dry red chillies and salt in a minimum amount of required water.
2. Transfer the pressure cooked mutton/lamb to a thick bottom kadai. Cook in a medium flame.
3. Add coconut pieces and contnue cooking for 2 to 3 minutes in a slow flame.
4. Add pepper powder and continue cooking till the remaining water evaporates and the mutton/lamb becomes dry.
5. Remove from heat and Serve hot with rice, variety rice.


The Best with Sourashtra style AmbedBath (puzhiyotharai)

-Pravin Babu

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