Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tandoori Nan(Indian bread cooked in a Tandoor)

Indian bread popular in south Asian territories, south Europe with plenty of variations in the recipe originated from Persia. It is similar to pita bread which baked in clay oven or tandoor. Try this recipe at home and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Refined flour                                             200 gm
Baking powder                                         1 tsp
Salt                                                          to taste
Melted Fat                                               10 gm
Egg                                                          1 no
Milk                                                         30 ml
Curd                                                        15 ml
Sugar                                                       3 gm
Gingelly seeds                                          3 gm
Cold water                                               to mix


1. Sieve flour. Mix salt and baking powder.
2. Beat the eggs with sugar and milk and mix with flour.
3. Add cold water and mix well.
4. Make a smooth dough. Add melted fat and knead well.
5. Add salt and curd, knead again. The dough should be very smooth.
6. Keep aside for one hour. Divide into even sized balls. Brush with melted fat. Rest for further 15 to 20 minutes.
7. Shape each portion with hand thus.
8. Smear top of nan with gingelly seeds and bake in a tandoori oven.


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