Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tandoori Roti(Indian Bread from Tandoor/Clay oven)

 Tandoori roti is a traditional Indian roti baked in tandoor/clay oven. This is a essential item in North indian lunch and dinner. Most popular Indian bread served in Indian restaurants and buffets. Recommended to serve tandoori roti with dal, dal Palak, butter chicken masala. Tastes awesome!! Try this Indian bread recipe and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Whole wheat flour                     200 gm
Baking Powder                1 tsp
Salt                                  to taste
Melted fat                        10 gm
Egg                                  1 no


1. Sieve flour. Mix salt and baking powder.
2. Beat the eggs and mix well with flour.
3. Add cold water and mix well to make a smooth dough. Add melted fat and knead well. Keep aside for 1 hour
4. Divide the dough into even sized balls, brush over with melted fat. Rest for another 10 minutes.
5. Roll into rounds of 5 to 6 inches diameter and bake in the tandoori.
6. Serve hot with any gravy or dal.


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