Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chicken Liver Stir Fry Recipe(Indian)

Chicken liver stir fry is a healthy dish prepared with very basic home kitchen ingredients. This chicken liver dish tastes very tasty and can be served as a snack or starter. This dish can be prepared with some variation which is up to your culinary skills. Stir fried chicken liver is soft and spicy and tastes best when served hot. Try this healthy chicken liver recipe suitable for kids and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Chicken Liver                        250 gms
Pepper powder                     4 tsp
Salt                                       to taste
Ghee                                     3 tbsp


1. Wash chicken liver and cut into small pieces.
2. Add pepper powder and salt, mix well and marinate for atleast 30 minutes.
3. Heat ghee in a thick bottemed kadai. Add the marinated chicken liver and fry in a slow flame with continuous stirring till chicken liver is done.
4. Remove from heat and serve hot.


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