Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to make a Roti with a Electric Roti Maker

Making a roti with a electric roti maker is a mystery for many people. The person showing demo gets a soft and perfect roti but when we try at home mostly fails. I also faced the same problem when I bought a roti maker and started using it. But I found the secret of making soft and perfect roti with an electric roti maker. This recipe will give you a step by step instruction with picture for making a soft roti with an electric roti maker.


Whole wheat flour                           400 gms
Water                                            as required
Salt                                                to taste


1. Mix whole wheat flour and salt well.
2. Add water slowly and knead to make a soft sticky dough as shown in the picture below. Dough should be sticky to get a perfect roti.

3. Divide dough into equal balls. Apply some flour over the dough balls to avoid sticking over the hand.
4. Switch on the roti maker and wait till it gets heated up. Keep the dough ball in the roti maker as shown in the picture below and quickly press and open the roti maker.

5. Leave it for 20 seconds and change the side and leave it for 20 seconds. Again change the side and close the roti maker. The roti will bulge and will move outside in few seconds.
6. Serve Hot with any veg or non veg gravies.


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