Friday, October 21, 2011

Rogini Chicken/Red Chicken(Chicken cooked with spices in a cashew nuts and curd based gravy)

Spicy Rogini chicken/Red chicken is prepared with ground spices in a cashewnut and curd based gravy tastes awesome with steamed rice, biryani and chapathi. Rogini chicken is served is most of the Indian and multi-cuisine restaurants all over India. Cashewnuts and poppy seeds used gives a thick curry and the curd gives a tangy taste to curry. Rogini chicken recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. Try this Rogini chicken/Red chicken recipe at home and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Chicken                                         500 gm
Curd                                             125 gm
Fat                                                  50 gm

For Grinding

Red Chilles                                      5 gm
Cashew nuts                                  15 gm
Poppy seeds                                    7 gm
Onion (Sliced and Browned)          50 gm
Garlic                                              4 flakes
Ginger                                            5 gm
Salt                                                to taste


1. Joint chicken. Brown in fat and do not over fry. Remove.
2. Add ground spices and fry over a slow fire till the fat separates and comes on top.
3. Add chicken. Stir well and cook gently. Sprinkle little water if necessary.
4. when 3/4th done, beat curd in to a smooth paste and pour over the chicken.
5. Cook again till chicken is tender without stirring.
6. Garnish with coriander leaves and Serve hot.

Note: A mix of green chillies and red chillies may be used. Add green chillies slit or whole along with the curd.


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