Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chilli Mushroom Recipe prepared with Country Mushroom.

Chilli mushroom is a spicy and simple kadai/pan fried recipe prepared with country mushrooms and spiced up with green chillies and chilli powder. During rainy season we used to get naturally grown mushrooms in different colours from country side which is healthy compared to hybrid mushrooms. I purchased it during diwali from the local market of my home town and prepared chilli mushroom fry which was delicious and tasted similar to lamb/mutton. Try this healthy and spicy mushroom recipe which tastes good with rice, Indian breads and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Country Mushroom                                 500 gm
Onions (Sliced)                                         200 gm
Green Chillies (cut vertically)             6 to 8 nos
Chilli Powder                                             25 gm
Chilli sauce                                                10 gm
Tomato ketchup                                         10 gm
Soya sauce                                                  5 gm
Orange color                                               2 gm
Vinegar                                                       3 ml
Salt                                                          to taste
Curry leaves                                       20 gm
Oil                                                           as required

1. Wash and cut mushrooms into quarters.
2. Add chilli powder, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, soya sauce, vinegar, salt and orange color. Keep aside and soak for one hour.
3. Slice the onions. Cut green chillies into lengthwise slices.
4. Put the mushrooms in a pan. Cook till the mushrooms are tender in a slow fire and make it dry. Keep aside.
5. Heat oil, fry onions, curry leaves and green chillies. Then put the mushrooms and fry for few minutes.
6. Serve hot.


Must try simple to make and very tasty thank you for recepie

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