Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ghee Mysore Pak Recipe (A sweet made of gram flour, ghee and sugar)

Mysore Pak is prepared with gram flour, ghee and sugar syrup which is a popular sweet in South India originated from Karantaka. This delicious and soft sweet disappears once you put in your mouth. In most of the South Indian marriages and functions this sweet is served as a Dessert. Sri Krishna sweet’s a popular chain sweet stall in south India serves one of the best Ghee Mysore Pak. Try this recipe and Enjoy cooking!!!


Gram Flour                        250 gms
Sugar                                 450 gms
Ghee                                  500 ml
Refined Sunflower oil          250 ml
Water                                 as required


1. Grease a big plate or tray with ghee and keep aside.
2. Heat refined oil. Add gram flour gradually and stir continuosly to avoid any lumps and keep aside.
3. Mix sufficient amount of water with sugar and heat it. Keep it in a medium flame till it becomes a sugar syrup.
4. Heat remaining ghee.
4. Add gram flour slowly to the sugar syrup and continuously stir in a slow flame to avoid formation of lumps and add heated ghee gradually and continuously stir.
5. Transfer it immediately without delay to the greased plate or tray immediately once the added ghee comes out and looks light brown in colour.
6. Spread well in the tray and cut into square or rectangular pieces before it cools down.
7. Keep it in a air tight container once it cools down.


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