Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spicy Paneer Dosa(Indian pancake stuffed with spicy paneer)

Spicy Paneer dosa is a variety of Indian pancake or crepe and a delicious breakfast recipe stuffed with dry spicy paneer curry. This dosa can be seen in very few restaurants in south India and not a common dosa variation. Tastes excellent when served with sambar(spicy lentil soup) and chutney or can be eaten as a stand alone dish too. Try this simple dosa variation even with left over kadai paneer and Enjoy Cooking!!!


For Batter

Raw rice (Idly rice)                    500 gm
Black gram                                    175 gm
Fenugreek seeds                               1/2 tsp
Salt                                                    to taste
Oil                                              for frying

For Stuffing
Paneer                                                    500 gms.
Sliced onion                                            1½ cup
Bay leaf                                                   2 nos.
Dry red chilli whole                                   3 nos.
Garlic paste                                             1 tsp.
Ginger paste                                            1 tsp.
Crushed coriander seeds                          2 tsps.
Tomato puree                                          ¾ cup
Red chili powder                                     1 tsp.
Garam masala powder                             1 tsp.
Oil                                                           2 tsps.
Salt                                                          To taste

1. Wash rice and black gram. Soak both rice and black gram and fenugreek seeds seperately for atleast 2 hours.
2. Grind black gram along with fenugreek seeds in a wet grinder in to a fine paste by adding water in between when it thickens. It will take atleast 30 to 45 mins for grinding into a smooth paste. Transfer into a big vessel.
3. Now grind raw rice into a paste but not too smooth as black gram. Takes 15 minutes to grind. Add salt before 5 minutes.
4. Now mix both the batters into the same big vessel.
5. Allow batter to ferment atleast for 12 hours.
6. Cut Paneer into small triangles and keep aside.
7. Heat oil in a Kadai, add dry red chili, coriander powder, bayleaf and then add sliced onion, sauté onion till golden brown in color, and crisp.
8. Add Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste, stir and add tomato puree, cook for few minutes.
9. Then add red chilli powder, coriander powder and salt mix well. Add ½ cup water if required.
10. Add Paneer and cook until coated with thick gravy. Garnish with crushed coriander seeds.
11. Heat a dosa tava (cast iron tava) and brush it lightly with oil. When hot, pour a ladel full of batter, spread using a circular motion to make a thick dosa.
12. Put required spicy paneer  on the top and press it slightly so half of paneer goes inside batter. 
13. Pour oil on the edges and cook on both sides in a slow fire. Remove once paneer are cooked well.
14. Serve hot with Sambar and Coconut chutney


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