Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sugar Doughnut Recipe(Kids favourite sweet)

Sugar doughnut is a simple dessert which is available in most of the bakeries and a popular snack for all ages. Cinnamon and Vanila extract gives an excellent aroma mouth watering flavour which is favourite among kids. This can be prepared by either baking in a oven or deep frying in oil. Doughnut can be prepared with whole wheat flour which makes it a healthy snack. Try this recipe and Enjoy Cooking!!!


All purpose flour                            250 gm
Egg                                                  1 no
Cinnamon powder                            1/2 tsp
Milk                                                115 ml
Sugar                                             100 gm
Melted butter                                 1 tbsp
Baking powder                               2 tsp
Salt                                                1/2 tsp
Vanila extract                                  2 tsp 


1. Mix flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon powder well.
2. Beat egg well. Add sugar, mix it well and add some butter and vanila extract.
3. Add milk and flour slowly while continuosly beating it well.
4.  Knead the dough well for few minutes.
5. Make medium sized balls and roll it to 1/4 inch thick rounds.
6. Using a bottle lid cut in the centre.
7. Preheat oven 400 degrees and bake till it doubles in size and turns into golden in colour.
8. Remove from oven, brush with melted butter and dip the doughnut in granulated sugar.
9. Serve hot immediately for best taste.


Baking soda or baking powder? Which one to use? Pls help

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