Sunday, March 11, 2012

Orange Squash/Homemade Orange Juice (Sweet Orange Juice Processed and Preserved)

Orange juice is a healthy beverage at a very less cost and a favourite juice among kids. Making fresh orange juice very often is some what difficult as we cant keep fresh oranges always at home especially during non season. We get good oranges during orange season, prepare squash at that time, store and use it later. Having squash is better and healthy than having any carbonated drinks like fanta, mirinda which are flavoured and contain chemicals. Try this orange squash recipe, avoid carbonated drinks for kids and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Orange juice                                1 litre
Sugar                                           1.25 Kg
Citric acid                                     30 gm
Water                                            800 ml
Pottassium metabisulphtie              2 gms
Orange flavour                              as required
Orange colour(optional)                as required


1. Extract orange juice using a electric juicer or a hand juicer and strain to remove seeds if needed. Dissolve preservative in cold water and keep aside.
2. Heat water, add sugar and bring to boil. Remove from heat and filter using a cloth once it turns into sugar syrup.Keep it aside and let it cool to room temperature.
3. Mix sugar syrup with orange juice and mix well.
4. Add dissolved preservative, citric acid and orange flavour. Mix well. Add colour if necessary.
5. Fill in clean and dry sterile bottles upto 95 percent and store it air tight.
6. Start using after 15 days.
7. Mix squash and cold water in the ratio 1:3, mix well. Add ice cubes and serve orange juice cold.


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