Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cream of Peas Soup Recipe(Fresh Green Peas)

Cream of peas soup recipe is a simple and healthy vegetarian soup rich in protein and essential nutritions is a basic soup menu in most of the restaurants and hotels in India. Cream of peas soup is prepared with fresh green peas, few vegetables like carrot, turnip and onion, spiced up with pepper, thickened with white sauce and garnished with mint and corainder leaves. Using vegetable stock instead of water adds more taste and flavour. This popular soup recipe can be prepared in a very less cooking time. Try this simple cream of peas soup recipe and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Peas                        350 gm
Carrots                    120 gm
Onion                        30 gm
Turnip                       60 gm
Water                       750 ml
Milk                        300 ml
Refined flour             30 gm
Butter                       30 gm
Pepper                    to taste
Salt                          10 gm
Mint                          one spring
Coriander leaves     a few


1. Shell peas. Grate carrots, turnip and onion.
2. Cook vegetables in 750 ml of cold water. Add some mint leaves. 
3. Prepare a white sauce with flour, butter and 300 ml of milk. 
4. When vegetables are tender, sieve to make a vegetable puree. 
5. Mix sauce with vegetable puree. Add some cooked whole vegeatables and seasoning. 
6. Reheat, bring to boil and serve hot garnished with chopped mint and coriander leaves.


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