Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spicy Minced Chicken Balls(Chicken Kola Urundai)

Spicy minced chicken ball(Chicken kola urundai) recipe is a very simple and easy recipe prepared in a very less time. Minced chicken ball is a protein rich diet with some basic spices and one of the best starter dish. Minced mutton ball is available in most of the restaurants and hotels serving non-vegetarian food in Tamil nadu and also other southern states of India. Minced chicken ball recipe is same as minced button ball except the mutton chicken is used. Minced chicken ball goes well as a side dish with rice, biryani and a curry can be prepared with this miced chicken balls. Kids will love this deep fried minced chicken balls as it is free from bone and mildly spiced. Try this easy minced chicken ball recipe and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Minced Chicken                              200 gms
Onion                                               75 gms
Coconut                                           30 gms
Green chillies                                    1 no
Ginger garlic paste                            2 tsp
Fennel                                              1 tsp
Cloves                                              1 no
Cardamom                                        1 no
Cinnamon stick                                  1 no(1 inch)
Roasted gram(pori kadalai)            4 tsp
Salt                                                    to taste
Oil                                                     for deep frying


1. Grind everything except chicken into a little coarse paste adding less amount of water in a mixer grinder.
2. Add minced chicken and further grind into a thick paste like a dough.
3. Make equal size small balls.
4. Heat oil in a thick bottomed kadai. Fry the minced chicken balls in a medium fire till brown in colour.
5. Serve hot with ketchup as a starter.


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