Monday, September 24, 2012

Kozhukattai/Modak/Steamed Rice Dumpling

Kozhukattai/Modak is a simple steamed rice dumpling recipe prepared during festive occasions especially Ganesh chathurthi a Hindu festival celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Kozhukattai is prepared with rice flour dough stuffed with sweet coconut jaggery filling and steamed in a steamer or idli cooker. Kozhukattai is available as a snack in south Indian restaurants and also as a evening snack in Tamilnadu especially in Madurai. Kozhukattai can be stuffed with any other kind of filling like pulses, meat etc. Try this Kozhukattai/Modak recipe at home and Enjoy Cooking!!!

For dough
Rice flour                       300 gm
Hot water                      175 ml
Salt                                to taste
Ghee                             as required

For Filling
Coconut                         1/2 no
Jaggery                          150 gm


1. Mix rice flour, salt and hot water together and knead well into a smooth dough.
2. Divide into equal portions and make balls.
3. Grate coconut. Heat a kadai and fry grated coconut for a minute in slow fire.
4. Pound jaggery and add to the kadai.
5. Stir continuously till the mixture becomes little sticky. Remove from heat.
6. Divide filling into equal portions as the dough.
7. Make 3 inch rounds with dough balls. Put filling in the center, fold and cover the edges.
8. Steam in an idli cooker for 10 minutes.
9. Brush with ghee and Serve hot.

Rice flour preparation:
1. Soak raw rice for 2 to 3 hours.
2. Dry a little and powder it using a mixer to make flour.Sieve flour
3. Heat a thick bottomed pan. Roast flour for few minutes or till its dry.
4. Sieve again. Store in an air tight container and use when needed.


good, though a little dry, this is a faster way to make this.

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