Monday, July 15, 2013

Ashoka Halwa/Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

Ashoka Halwa/Moong Dal Halwa is a popular dessert recipe orginated from Thiruvaiyaru, Tamilnadu prepared with moong dal, sugar, flavoured with cardamom powder and orange food colour tempts everyone. I adopted this recipe from a cooking show telecasted in a leading Indian channel. This halwa is made during special and festive occassions especially in Tanjore district of Tamilnadu. Try this healthy protein rich Ashoka Halwa recipe at home and Enjoy Cooking!!!


Green Gram/Moong dal                       100 gm
Wheat flour                                          1 tsp
Sugar                                                   150 gm
Food colour                                         a pinch
Cardamom powder                              1/2 tsp
Cashew nut                                          a few
Almonds                                              a few
Kiss miss/Dry grapes                           a few
Clarified Butter/Ghee                           100 gm


1. Heat 1 tsp of ghee in a thick bottom kadai and fry the green gram till the raw smell subsides. Keep aside and let it cool down.
2. Fry wheat flour, dry fruits and nuts separately and keep aside.
3. Add required amount of water and pressure cook moong dal in a pressure cooker.
4. Blend the cooked moong dal in a blender to a smooth paste.
5. Add blended moong dal and sugar to kadai and mix well.
6. Add wheat flour and cardamom powder once the sugar added liquidifies and mix well.
7. Add food colour, ghee and keep stirring in slow fire till the ghee comes out and the halwa becomes non sticky.
8. Garnish with fried nuts and dry fruit and serve hot.


looks delicious, I love this halwa... thanks for sharing..

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